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informative diagrams

After many months spent thinking, brainstorming, mooching, gathering, interviewing, editing, writing, editing, writing, cutting, editing, track reading and eating chocolate, I’ve finally started to build the little world that is going to house Good Grief.  I love this bit!

Here’s a snapshot of our first character puppet, Dan a.k.a ‘Spangle’ the Boston Terrier. He’s naked right now, but soon to be a flesh and blood clay character.


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  • Cute! I have been looking for certain type of puppets of old tv and can not find them made any where. I was little in the 1950’s in the Philadelphia area. There was a puppet name Bertie the Bunyip, he was the only Bunyip in captivity and he was from Australia. He was the creation of the late Lee Dexter. I would really like a puppet like him and there could be other people like me. I want to use him with my gran daughter. He had some other puppets with him, Sir Guy de Guy and I think one name Nixie the pixie. There are other puppets from the fifty s that I think my age group would like to share with grandchildren. If you make this please let me know. There is information about this puppet on the internet thanks,

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