Half time

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Shooting has hit the half way mark and I couldn’t be happier with how it’s all turning out. I have two sets left to construct and shoot, and although I may have to drop one due to time contraints (in an emergency) I’m going to give getting them both done a red hot go. Eight weeks sounds like a lot of time but in animation land it’s really just a blip – wish me luck!

Our Pozible campaign has been gathering steam and we’re looking at having a very healthy budget of over $4000 thanks to you, our fans. I am always in two minds as to whether or not to promote my projects before I have actually completed them, but in this instance the wellspring of support for the film has been the best motivational tool ever. Thanks for all your likes, tweets, emails, chats and thumbs up – and please keep them coming! I might not get around to acknowledging each one but they all mean a lot.

We’ve been getting a little bit of attention lately and were featured in Arts Hub’s new Crowdsource Quarterly newsletter – Arts Hub has been a fantastic reference for me as an artist over the past few years and it’s lovely to be recognised by such good people.

We’re having some VIP visitors in the studio tonight, watch this space…

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