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Andrew celebrating the wrap with some ‘Crazy Chicken’ hooch left over from the set of The Batchelor Experience

Shooting officially wrapped up last Wednesday as I frantically snapped our last few shots for the Good Grief credits and title plates. It was an epic end to an epic journey, and I’m a little bit sad not to be spending all my time with my little plasticine buddies any more. Still, it’s been an enormously rewarding experience for me as an animator. I really felt that I hit my stride as far as animating went in the latter few weeks of shooting – isn’t that always the way? My next film will surely benefit from the practice. And I think I’m going to benefit from spending some time in this sunshine that suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

Since my last blog post our Pozible campaign wrapped up and we happily found ourselves with a budget of $4452 with which to conquer the world. And we intend to do so. If you were one of our very generous sponsors and wondering where your pledge rewards are, rest assured – we’re gathering our bits and pieces and will have them out to you as soon as our crafty hands can piece them together.

We have had a really fantastic reaction to our little news story on the ABC TV. Friends and colleagues, family and strangers all calling in to say they saw us and how much our story has inspired them. We’re really chuffed to be noticed but even more excited about how people are taking on board our message – that grief is something we need to talk about and reflect on, and that it’s not all bad. I really believe this and am thrilled that Good Grief is starting conversations and helping people to open up to others about their own experience of loss.

The wrap

An exhausted cast at the wrap of the final photo shoot

Where to from here? We finalised our colour grade this week and will spend the next fortnight hunkered down in the sound bunker with Matt and Livia to finish up our score and foley. It’s already looking and sounding pretty sweet but we know these two will go the extra mile and make our film come to life.

Stay tuned in the next few weeks for more on our screening in December and where you can catch our preview…

xx Fi

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