About the producer

Jonno Katz is a multi-award winning producer, director, actor, editor and writer of film and theatre. He has made a number of short films and music videos, working in various roles both in front of and behind the camera. He went to the John Bolton Theatre School where he was trained in the Le Coq style of physically devised theatre. As a working artist he has written, acted in and produced five solo theatre shows and has directed five theatre/dance shows that have toured extensively around the world. In 2013 he finished a Masters of Producing (Film & TV) at the Victorian College of the Arts.


Awards and Recognition

As a creator/performer

  • 2003 Uber Alice won “Best of Fest” Ottawa Fringe
  • 2004 Cactus won “Patron’s Pick” Toronto fringe
  • 2004 Cactus won “Pick of the Fringe” Vancouver Fringe
  • 2004 Cactus named best theatre show for 2004 in the Eye Weekly
  • 2007 Uber Alice won “Pick of the Fringe” Vancouver Fringe
  • 2009 The Accident nominated for “Centaur Award” Montreal Fringe
  • 2009 The Accident won “Best of Fest” Winnipeg Fringe
  • 2010 Cactus won “Patron’s Pick” Toronto Fringe
  • 2010 Cactus won “Best of Fest” Winnipeg Fringe

As a director/creator

  • 2007 “Best Director” Melbourne Short and Sweet Festival
  • 2007 Manners for Men named in the Top Ten Theatre productions for 2007, Toronto Globe and Mail.
  • 2008 Manners for Men won “Best of Fest” Winnipeg Fringe
  • 2008 The Sputniks nominated for “Best new Text” Montreal English Critics Circle Awards
  • 2009 Manners for Men won “Pick of the Fringe” Edmonton Fringe
  • 2010 The Sputniks won “Best Drama” Ottawa Fringe

As an actor

  • 2009 Won “Best Actor” at the Angry Film Festival for his comedic role in the short Slapping Christie.
  • 2009 Won “Outstanding Solo Performance” Ottawa Fringe
  • 2009 Won “Best male performer” Victoria Fringe
  • 2010 Nominated “Best Male Performer” Dublin Fringe


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