The animated documentary/interviews

There are so many great little films out there being made, we thought we’d share some that we find particularly inspiring and insightful.

It’s Like That

Three children in an Australian detention centre are depicted as caged migratory birds. They recount details of their voyage to Australia, food, their environment, imprisonment and freedom.

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Animated Minds

Animated Minds is a series of short animated documentaries which use real testimony from people who have experienced different forms of mental distress. A single aim underpins all the films: to help dispel myths and misconceptions about ‘mental illness’ by giving a voice to those who experience these various difficulties first hand.

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Creature Comforts

The original Aardman short film that later became a series of commercials for Heat Electric.

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Snack and Drink

“Snack and Drink” is an animated documentary short by Bob Sabiston and Tommy Pallotta, starring Ryan Power. This autistic teenager in Austin, Texas walks to a local 7-11 to get a snack and drink. It is rotoscoped with a wild variety of animation styles by different animators.

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