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Made in 2012, Good Grief has screened at 19 festivals (and counting!) worldwide and has won numerous awards. Inspired by the loss of her own mother and the grief that ensued, director Fiona Dalwood and producer Jonno Katz went about finding out how the experience of loss transforms us. With a shoestring budget and months of hard work, they made Good Grief, a beautiful short film that has been described as “adorable and heartfelt”. Accessible to children and adults alike, it is now being used in educational programs as a starting point to discuss the process of grief and what some of the positive outcomes of grief can be.


Good Grief  is a short stop motion animated documentary that explores the lessons we learn from dealing with grief and loss. Five real people share their true stories of losing something precious and what it has taught them about living.

How was it made?

Dalwood went about interviewing people who had lost something precious. She asked them how they got through their grief and what perspectives they gained from it. Those interviews were recorded and four unique stories emerged.

  • Dan aka “Spangle” lost both of his parents to illness within the space of a fortnight.
  • Dana had one of her best friends commit suicide.
  • Andrew had his leg amputated after a motorcycle accident when he was a teenager. He went on to win a gold   medal for Australia at the 1988 Seoul Paralympics..
  • Sarah and Alex talk about the death of their pet bunny rabbit, Ollie.

Grief touches everybody in many different ways though the experience is not always what we expect. Through grief we can access  a greater understanding of life and how to live it. Dalwood chose to tackle the seriousness of the subject matter through humor and playfulness. The subjects were transformed into animated clay characters. Dan became a Boston Terrier, Dana a spider, Andrew a grasshopper and Sarah and Alex, baby vegetables. Good Grief is Fiona Dalwood’s graduating Masters film from the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne, Australia.

After editing 9 hours of interviews, she spent over 1000 hours creating plasticine characters, building sets and snapping the 24,492 photographs that it took to create Good Grief. A successful crowdfunding campaign on Pozible afforded a generous festival budget.

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Good Grief has screened at many top tier film festivals around the world, including St Kilda Film Festival, Brooklyn Film Festival, Melbourne International Animation Festival, Animanima, Hamburg Short Film Festival and heaps more – head to our Screening & Festivals page to see where we’ve been.

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