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About Good Grief

Five real people share their true stories of losing something precious and what it has taught them about living.

Good Grief is a short stop motion animated documentary that explores the lessons we learn from dealing with grief and loss.

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"No amount of special effects and high production value can surpass this process of 'viewer participation' in creating an entrancingly watchable film, one that fires up all the senses." – Dragon Frame blog

"There's something very powerful about listening to someone's raw pain.
Especially when that someone is an adorable clay carrot." – Upworthy

"An adorable entryway that leads to some difficult questions" – Film School Rejects

"As with the best animation, it is the message that is important, not the theatrics. Claymation makes us realize that these are basic, fundamental issues that are part of life, like childhood." – Animated Film Reviews

"Adorable and heartfelt" – Hubert Vigilla, Flixlist

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"Touchingly funny" – Arts Hub